Welcome to Timeshare Legal:

We can help cancel your unwanted timeshare.

Some timeshare companies have used misleading and sometimes fraudulent sales tactics to secure profit goals set by shareholders. Some timeshare owners interests have been swept aside all for the interests of the timeshare company’s shareholders. We feel that isn’t right! This is the reason Timeshare Legal, LLC was founded.

Here at Timeshare Legal, our mission is to help clients successfully navigate the treacherous waters of timeshare ownership.

About Our Founder:

Timeshare Legal, LLC was founded by our CEO Christian Highlander. Christian has worked in the timeshare industry — serving in every major department — since 2002. He understands the complexity of timeshare ownership.

He has been a Licensed Real estate agent in the state of New Jersey and has set up timeshare financing in the secondary market. Christian has invested countless resources on research and development of consumer protection, financing, and timeshare owner education — all to ensure that Timeshare Legal’s clients receive unprecedented stewardship.

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