Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Timeshare Legal, LLC?

A: Timeshare legal is a timeshare cancellation company. Here at Timeshare Legal we have a staff full of individuals highly trained in the conventional wisdom of the Timeshare Industry. Some of our staff has past experience as sales representatives and upper level management affiliated with many of the major timeshare corporations on the market. We assist owners who feel they have been misled or had questionable sales tactics used on them during the purchase of their timeshare. Additionally, we help those who have been financially burdened with their timeshare and want to break the predatory financial circle they have found themselves intoday.

Why should I do business with Timeshare Legal?

A: Timeshare Legal's staff has past experience as sales representatives and upper level management affiliated with many of the major timeshare corporations on the market. Not to mention our CEO, Christian Highlander, has served in every major department of the timeshare industry since 2002, giving him the understanding of the complexity of timeshare ownership. Christian has been a real estate agent in the state of New Jersey and has set up timeshare financing in the secondary market.

What are the most common lies told by timeshare sales people?

VIP Scare Tactics:
“If you want to maintain your current level of VIP membership, you’ll need to purchase more points, because the levels are changing.”

Buy Back Program: “We have a buy back program. When you’re done using the timeshare or if you decide you don’t want it anymore, we’ll buy it back from you. If you decide you want to sell your timeshare, we have a ‘Right of First Refusal’ program that maintains the dollar value of your timeshare.”

Rental Program: “We will make sure that you will actually make money while you own this timeshare by renting it out. This will not only pay for the maintenance fees, but it will put money towards the price of the purchase.”

Ghost or Phantom Trade: “We are merely moving your ownership from this location to a better location. See, you’ll have the same exact number of points!” (This is called a ‘ghost’ or ‘phantom’ trade. You did not know you were actually making a purchase because the salesperson used the same number of points or weeks that you already owned.)

Assessment Scare: “We need to move your ownership from your present home resort because that resort is about to be hit with an expensive special assessment that we want to help you avoid.”

Maintenance Fee Scare: “If we move your ownership from that resort, we will be able to eliminate your maintenance fees or we will be able to lock you into this lower rate permanently.”

Missed Your Options: “We held an event in your area where special benefits and privileges were offered to all the owners who attended. We invited you to that event, but since you declined to attend you have forfeited all the options that were offered to the other owners.”

Down Payment Assistance: “We have a ‘down payment assistance program’ that will reduce the amount of your monthly payments!” (You were unwittingly signed up for a credit card you didn’t want or a ‘Bill Me Later’ account you didn’t request.)

Personal Representative: “Only with this new program will you be assigned a special personal representative or coordinator to help you manage your ownership. He or she will make sure you get the reservations you want at the time and location you want. They are more efficient than calling the 800 member number!”

How do I know if I was a victim of misleading information and questionable sales practices?

A: That’s simple. Call us today and speak with one of our representative/associates eagerly waiting to assist you. We always take the time to listen to people. We want to hear from you in detail about your situation. Often, all it takes is a brief conversation to figure out if our firm is right for you. Please realize that Timeshare Legal, LLC cannot assist everyone we hear from, but the only way you will truly know is if you pick up the phone and reach out to us.

What is the process?

A: Our process starts with a free consultation with one of our representatives. After we have enough information related to your case your representative, he or she will submit your case to our Senior Leadership Board for approval and acceptance. Your specific needs will be addressed thoroughly and confidentially. In the event your case is accepted, you will be given specific instructions on how we will proceed. *It is important to understand that not every case is accepted and that there is no charge for consultation.*

Where is Timeshare Legal located?

A: Timeshare Legal is located in West Deptford, NJ.

How do I know I can trust Timeshare Legal, LLC?

A: Timeshare Legal, LLC has a 100% percent guarantee of services provided or your money back. We have many satisfied clients who would be happy to share their success story with you. If there are any questions that you may have that weren’t addressed in this frequently asked questions forum we are just a phone call away - 1-888-247-5664.

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